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Ranks and permissions Oxide [Latest]

Requirements before starting

Before starting this guide you'll need to have Rusty downloaded. Rusty is a very handy RCON / server administration tool that you can download from here:-
http://oxidemod.org/resources/rusty-server-rcon-administration-tool.53/ or you can always use this web based version http://tools.bbtracker.net/

Information required before starting

  1. Hostname / IP address of the server - For example if your server IP address / port is you want to enter for the IP address

  2. Port - For example, if the connection info displayed in the control panel is your port would be 28015

  3. RCON port - Your RCON port will always be +2 your server port. So for example your server port is 28015 your RCON port will be 28017

  4. RCON Password - Your RCON password can be set within the command line manager as per this guide - Changing Rust Server settings guide

Connecting to the server

Once you've entered the required connection info, either under settings on Rusty, or when adding a server on the web RCON tool you can then proceed to go to the RCON / console section

Adding a new user group to Oxide

group add groupname

Adding a user to a group / rank

usergroup add playername groupname

For example - To add a user to the owner group you would do the following:-

usergroup add playername owner

Removing a user from a group / rank

usergroup remove playername groupname

For example - To remove a player from a group

usergroup remove playername owner

Add a permission to a user or group

grant [user or group] [username/groupname] permissionNode

Example, adding a permission to a user

grant user playername canWipe

Example, adding a permission to a group (owner)

grant group owner canWipe

If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a support ticket and one of our staff members will provide assistance - https://billing.nitrous-networks.com/submitticket.php