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Adding mods to your ARK server


Adding mods to your ARK server is a fairly simple process. Our new Mod Installer makes this process extremely simple to do.

Step 1 - Finding mods

  1. Open up Steam on your computer.

  2. Hover over 'Community' and then select Workshop from the dropdown menu.

  3. You then want to search for ark, and then select ARK: Survival Evolved from the search dropdown. This should then take you to the workshop centre for ARK:SE.

  4. Browse through various mods. When you find one you like, simply copy the modID.

  5. Do this for every mod you wish to install, making a list of all of the ID's

Step 2 - Adding mods to your server

  1. Login to your server control panel

  2. Stop your server

  3. Open 'Configuration Files'

  4. Open 'WorkshopID.txt'

  5. Now you will want to copy your Mod ID's into the file.

  6. Save the file and head back to your server control panel page.

  7. Now click the Mod Installer button on your panel

  8. If you have a lot of mods then this can take some time, once complete you should see this;

  9. You will now want to copy the provided line (outlined in red above).

  10. Now close the window.

Step 3 - Activating the mods on server startup

  1. Click on Command Line Manager.

  2. Click on Custom Commandlines.

  3. Click on New.

  4. Set a name for the new command line ie. 'Custom ARK startup'.

  5. Check the checkboxes found down the left side next to SessionName and ServerAdminPassword, and then set values for them in the boxes to the right of them (The SessionName is your server's name in the server list, and the ServerAdminPassword is the RCON / admin password. These are the only 2 essential options you need, anything else is down to what you would like to have set)

  6. Now, at the bottom you should see an option with a ? and then an empty box, waiting to be filled. This is where we add the mod options (make sure the checkbox on the left is checked)

  7. Paste in the box the line we copied earlier.

  8. Click save.

  9. Then finally click Select at the far right of the newly made command line.

Your server should now be ready to use and all of the mods enabled. The mod installer can be used to update any mods you already have installed, however it will overwrite any changes you have made.