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How to install mods on your Unturned server


Installing mods on your unturned server is a very different process to other games, requiring you to pull the items directly from your directory. This guide should talk you through all the steps you need to know.

Step 1 - Choosing your mods

  1. Open up Steam on your computer.

  2. Hover over 'Community' and then select Workshop from the dropdown menu.

  3. You then want to search for Unturned, and then select Unturned from the search dropdown.

  4. Browse through various mods. When you find one you like, simply click the subscribe button.

  5. Steam will then start downloading this content, which you can see on your downloads section.

Step 2 - Finding and zipping the mods

  1. Open up your documents and navigate to your steam directory (generally located here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam). If you have Unturned saved elsewhere, then please navigate to your steam folder located there.

  2. Next head to the following directory \SteamApps\workshop\content\304930.

  3. Here you should find the item or items you have subscribed too. You will now need to zip up the folder you wish to upload.

Step 3 - Installing them to the server

  1. Open up your server control panel and go into the File Manager.

  2. You now need to open the Bundles folder and then go into the Workshop folder.

  3. Select which folder your files will go in, with maps going in the maps folder and all other files going in the Contents folder

  4. Now upload your files, extract them from the zip file and restart the server.

  5. You should now see the addons listed on the server screen, this means you have installed it correctly and you are ready to play!

If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a support ticket and one of our staff members will provide assistance - https://billing.nitrous-networks.com/submitticket.php