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Creating a MySQL database

A MySQL database is required for some Minecraft plugins to store data, like block breaks etc. So you will need to generate yourself a database using NiTROPanels MySQL manager.

  1. First off, login to NiTROPanel and head to manage page of the server that you want to setup the MySQL on. (This is the page with the console and stop/start/restart buttons.)

  2. On the left hand side of the console, click MySQL Databases, this will bring up a button that you can click to generate the required information.

  3. Click generate and allow it a few seconds to create a database and refresh the page. This will give you 4 database fields, hostname, username, database name and password - these are all required when connecting your database to plugins (MySQL port is always 3306).

The database information will usually go inside the plugins configuration file, please make sure you input the details correctly. You may reset your database at anytime. Doing this more often will increase the speed the database can process information, but remember all data will be lost if you do so.