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How to add mods to your server

Adding mods to your server is quite simple and only requires a couple of steps.

Please make sure that you have stopped the server before following this guide.

  1. The first thing you will want to do is to open your File Manager

  2. You will now want to navigate to the following folder;

  3. For New Worlds: \Content\CustomWorlds\YOUR CHOSEN MAP\
    For Existing World \Config\Saves\YOURWORLDNAME\
  4. Now find the file called Sandbox_config.sbc and open it in the editor

  5. Note: We do suggest that if you are going to edit this file you use a dedicated program, such as Notepad++, to reduce the chances of making a mistake. You can then go to "Language" and set it to XML making the file much easier to understand

  6. Now you will want to navigate to down to near the bottom of the file (line 303) and find the Mods section.

  7. You now need to open up the Space Engineers steam workshop and find the addon that you want to add to the server.

  8. Once you have found the addon you want to use you will want to right click on the page and Copy page URL

  9. Paste this URL into your browser and head to the link.

  10. You will now want to copy the ID of the addon, which will be displayed at the top on the far right of the URL, like so;

  11. Now head back to your control panel and add the ID to the Mods section, this can be done using the following code;

  12. Please use this screenshot as a guide for how to lay out your mods

  13. Continue adding addons like this, each within their own ModItem field as shown in the screenshot.

If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a support ticket and one of our staff members will provide assistance - https://billing.nitrous-networks.com/submitticket.php