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How to edit your server settings

A brief guide to editing your settings

Please make sure that you have stopped the server before following this guide.

  1. The first thing you will want to do is to click the Configuration Files button on the panel.

  2. You will now want to open the Game.ini by clicking Text Editor on the right hand side of the panel.

  3. You will now see all of your server configuration options neatly laid out

These settings can be changed to allow for different maps, modes and respawn settings. To change the gamemode of the map, simply add the gamemode prefix before the map, for example;


The following are the current Game Mode Prefixes;

  • FL = Frontline
  • BR = Battle Royale
  • HRD = Horde
  • SKM = Skirmish
  • FFA = FFA/Deathmatch
  • TDM = Team Deathmatch

The following are the current Maps in the game;

  • Contraband
  • ThePit
  • Grad
  • Camp
  • Taiga
  • MountainPeak
  • Tournet

Please be aware that only certain maps work with certain gamemodes

If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a support ticket and one of our staff members will provide assistance - https://billing.nitrous-networks.com/submitticket.php