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Creating a Minecraft whitelist

  1. First off, login to NiTROPanel and click manage on the server you want to setup the whitelist on.

  2. Head to the file manager, find the file thats called server.properties and right click on the file and then select edit. This will load the file into our text editor.

  3. Search through the file and find the line with white-list. Set the value for this to true, save the file and restart the server.

  4. Once restarted fully, you will now need to execute a few commands in the console to the server. These are as follows (replace "minecraft-username" with your ingame Minecraft name).

    whitelist add minecraft-username
    whitelist reload
  5. You can do the above commands as many times as you want for each player you want to add to the whitelist.

Alternatively you can watch the video below