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Setting up DarkRP

Start by installing DarkRP from mods in the control panel

  1. You will also need to install CSS content from mods as it is required for DarkRP to function properly.

  2. After installing the base mod files and the required content to make it run, you will need to upload the map you want to run on your server. You can do this by going to the file manager and navigating to /garrysmod/maps

  3. Once in the maps folder click the upload button at the top of the file manager, locate the .bsp map file on your computer that you wish to run on the server and then click upload. Once the upload is complete proceed to the next step.

  4. Now you need to go to the command line manager, click new then set your gamemode to darkrp from the dropdown, and set the map in the text box to the right of the +map option, this will be the map your server runs on when it starts up. Remember to tick the boxes to the left of each of the options for +map and +gamemode else your server will not load.

  5. **It may also be useful to tick the 2 boxes on the condebug line to enable the web console which you may later need to use to make yourself admin**

  6. Then give it a name at the top eg. DarkRP and then save it. You then want to click select found the far right of the command line you've just made to make the server use it.

** If you're looking for ways to customize your DarkRP server, take a look at the DarkRP wiki for cool tricks and tips - http://wiki.darkrp.com/index.php/Main_Page **