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I can't find my server/login details

There are a few reasons why you may not have your server details, please check the following:

  1. Our emails have been put into your junk folder by your email provider, if this is the case, please add our email address to your contacts so this does not happen again with invoices or further messages we send to you.

  2. You have signed up with the correct email address, this can only be fixed by staff (We will need to terminate and re-setup your server under the correct email address)

  3. You have the incorrect address (This can flag up on our systems when you pay for a server) or your payment has been flagged under fraud. If this happens, we will contact you on the email you used to signup with some further questions. In some rare occasions we will refuse the payment altogether if we are not satisfied that its not fraudulent.

  4. An unexpected error occurred when setting up your server, this could be that the location was full or the provisioning server failed. In this case, you will receive and email telling you why and that we have been alerted. This issue is resolved by ourselves and you won't need to contact support.

If you have checked the above and they are all fine, please submit a ticket and we will happily provide some more information.

NOTE: If you have had a server before on NiTROPanel, its the same login details as last time.