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Creating sub users

The NiTROPanel sub user system allows you to create extra accounts that your friends can log in to and manage your Minecraft server. You can give the sub accounts a varied level of access and management options.

  1. First off, login to NiTROPanel and click your email in the top right of the screen, then head over to the sub user tab and click "Create" in the top right of the screen, this will bring up a page with lots of checkboxes.

  2. Enter a login name for the sub user (the sub user will use this instead of an email to login to the panel) and a password. Just below this there is a box which will display the server names or ID's of the servers you have in your account, you can select 1 or more of these. By selecting the servers, you are giving them access to it with the permissions you specify below.

  3. You will then need to select what permissions you want the sub user to have, simply check or uncheck the boxes and click save.