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Setting up RCON

RCON is required for a lot of NiTROPanel features, please make sure its enabled at all times.

  1. First off, login to NiTROPanel and head to manage page of the server that you want to setup RCON. (This is the page with the console and stop/start/restart buttons.)

  2. You will now want to head over to the file manager and search for the server.properties file, this contains all your servers configurations. Right click this file and select edit, this will load up the file.

  3. You need to find three lines, rcon.password, rcon.port and rcon.enabled. These three lines need to correlate with the information displayed in the server info tab (You can find this tab on the left hand side of the console). Once the details match, make sure that rcon.enabled is set to true. Save the file and head back to the console.

  4. Restart your server and check the RCON is working by issuing a command in the console/kicking a player using the player manager.