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ARK: Survival Evolved - Admin commands

**Please note within this guide not all commands may work as intended, this is a early access release game so you may experience issues with these from time to time maybe as updates go on**

Anyway! Here are the few easy steps needed to login with your admin / RCON password on your server.

  1. Firstly connect to your server either via adding your servers query address to your favourites on Steam, or locating it in the master steam server list.

  2. You then want to press the tilde key. If you're unsure on what this key is, it's normally the one located under ESC that has ¬ ` on it, this will bring up the console. You can change it's position by pressing it again, and then once more to hide it.

  3. Now you've got the console open type in enablecheats "youradminpasswordhere" - After that use the command SetCheatPlayer true

  4. You should now be able to use any of the following commands at your leisure!

  5. admincheat addexperience 1000 1 1 -- This command will give you 1000 xp, you can change this value to anything you want.

    admincheat fly -- This will enable your character to fly.

    admincheat god -- Basically, you just can't die (this might be useful for some!).

    admincheat ghost -- When using this command you're able to noclip. Noclipping is different to flying as you do not collide with anything within the world.

    admincheat walk -- Use this after you've used the fly command to stop yourself from flying.

    admincheat toggleinfiniteammo -- Enables / disables infinite ammo.

    admincheat teleport -- This will teleport your character to the point it's looking toward.

    setcheatplayer true -- Enables cheat menu.

    setcheatplayer false -- Disables cheat menu.


    Hope this helps you in getting the most out of your server!

    As always if you have any questions simply submit a support ticket on the link below!