Terms of Service

Hydra Communications Limited Terms of Service here in after referred to as Nitrous Networks.

By signing up to a service with Nitrous Networks you hereby agree to the following terms.

Service refund policy

Nitrous Networks provides a full 7-day money back guarantee if our services are found to be at fault. For example, within the first 7 days of starting your service the node your server is hosted on goes offline for several hours rendering your service un-usable. This would be classed as our fault and you can proceed to contact us to receive a full refund.

An example of an invalid reason to claim a refund would be, but is not limited to the following - "I Don't want it" or "It was a mistake".

You accept any request for a refund outside of the first 7 days will be decided at the discretion of Nitrous Networks depending on the circumstances and reasoning behind the request.

Renewing your service

Nitrous Networks accepts payments via 3 payment gateway methods.

- PayPal
- Stripe (Credit / Debit card processor)
- BitPay (Bitcoin)

All Nitrous Networks service renewal invoices are automatically generated 14 days ahead of the next due date. An email notification will be sent to you as soon as the invoice has been generated. Once an invoice has been generated you can still choose to cancel the related service if you so wish.

Payments via PayPal can either be manual, or automatic depending on if you selected the checkout, or subscribe option when checking out. If you’re unsure if a subscription profile exists, it’s best to check your PayPal account for recurring payments profiles. To do this please look at this guide here.

If you know a subscription profile doesn’t exist, you will need to manually pay your invoice for your service by the specified due date to avoid service interruptions. If for whatever reason you end up making multiple payments to us for the same invoice, please submit a support ticket to our billing department explaining what has happened and we’ll happily issue a refund for any overpayments made.

When you submit a cancellation request for a Nitrous Networks service that you have an active PayPal subscription for, it should cancel the PayPal subscription too, however it’s advised that you always check your own PayPal account to verify this to ensure no further payments are mistakenly sent to us. You can cancel subscription profiles to us at any time within your PayPal account.

Payments made using a Credit / Debit card through our Credit / Debit card gateway will automatically be charged on the due date found on the invoice. You’ll not be charged if a cancellation request exists for the service. If for whatever reason we’re unable to process the payment on the invoice due date, you’ll be sent an email, to the email address listed on your Nitrous Networks account to notify you of this.

Payments made via BitPay in bitcoin are not automatically processed every month, and as such you will need to ensure that payment is made by the invoice due date to ensure there are no disruptions to your Nitrous Networks service.

Failure to renew for a service on time

If Nitrous Networks are unable to process a payment for a service due for renewal, or payment is not made on, or before the specified due date for the service the following actions are taken.

- The service is placed into a suspended state whereby the service can’t be used. This takes place the day after the specified due date if the invoice for the related service is unpaid. Whilst the service is in this suspended state you can either choose to continue your service by paying the requested amount on the invoice, or submit a cancellation request should you wish to no longer continue with the service.

- Nitrous Networks will commit to keep your service in this suspended state for a minimum of 5 days after the due date during which your data will be preserved.

- If the service has still not been renewed 5 days after the due date you accept the related service will be terminated, cancelling the invoice, service and removing any files relating to it.

Nitrous Networks will never apply any late fee(s) on payments made after the invoice due date.

The customer should contact us ahead of the service renewal due date, or up to 4 days after the due date should they require additional time to make the payment. You accept that the service will remain suspended until payment has been received unless told otherwise by a Nitrous Networks staff member.

Server performance and uptime

Nitrous Networks does not guarantee 100% uptime on services we provide but we aim to provide as close to it as possible. On rare occasion issues, can occur out of our control, or scheduled downtime may be required to perform essential maintenance. You accept that this can happen and that we will do our up most to resolve any issues that occur in a short space of time, and to provide you, the customer with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for any maintenance that may hinder you using your service.

If you find your service experiencing crashing issues after adding 3rd party content such as addons, mods, maps or plugins. This cannot then be used to leverage a refund on your Nitrous Networks service.

If you believe you're experiencing server side lag please remember to consider your client side variables such as high latency, low frame rate, packet loss or background downloads. If you're experiencing any of these client side issues then Nitrous Networks is not responsible for any of these issues you're having.

Data loss and protection

Nitrous Networks will not be held responsible for the backing up and integrity of customer data. And in the case that data loss may occur you may only be given a pro-rota refund if you choose to cancel your service. The backing up of files and safe securing of your data is down to the customer, not Nitrous Networks. Especially on Minecraft servers as a backup manager is readily available to customers.

Resource Limits

Nitrous Networks will only limit you to what you're paying for in respects to your max player slots or allocated RAM. CPU or disk IO is not limited in any way for game servers. For web hosting customers bandwidth / disk space is limited as shown on the package you order.

Securing of service accounts

In any situation where a game server or web hosting account is “hijacked” or “hacked”, Nitrous Networks will not be held responsible for this occurrence. It is the client’s responsibility to keep all their personal details and passwords secure, and personal and use 2 step verification (or authentication) where you can.

Server setup time

Nitrous Networks does not guarantee instant setup. We try to provide as close to instant setup as possible. But you as a customer accept that in some rare instances it may take up to 24 hours, depending on the amount of traffic we're receiving. Or if any issues occur in the automated setup process. Your billing will not start until your service has been setup.

Product Addons

Product addons that include, but are not limited to, dedicated IP addresses are cancelled as soon as the product it is an addon for are. These are not classed as a product and cannot be used for anything else.

Copyright policy

Any use of any of our services to infringe copyright or trademark law is unacceptable. If you're found to be infringing copyright or trademark law from a service provided through us we reserve the right to suspend, or cancel your service without warning. This includes using nulled or cracked versions of any form on our services.


Nitrous Networks are in no way liable for payments/donations that are received in exchange for virtual goods on a server. By purchasing a server, you agree to remove all liability from Nitrous Network in regards to customer service, payments and disputes relating to virtual goods sold from a Nitrous Networks service.

You acknowledge that in the event a Nitrous Networks service is sold to another party that Nitrous Networks cannot, and will be not deemed liable for any complications that may arise post completing the transaction.

Privacy Policy

We do not store any personal financial information provided to us while making a payment, nor do we share this information with 3rd parties. Should this change at any point you will of course be contacted in advance.

Terms of service updates

Nitrous Networks reserves the right to change or alter our terms / policies at any time without notifying any of our clients. It is the client’s responsibility to check our terms regularly for any updates / changes.