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Terms of Service

Hydra Communications Limited Terms of Service.

Money back & Refunds

Nitrous Networks provides a full 7 day money back guarantee if our services are found to be at fault. For example, within the first 7 days of starting your service the node your server is hosted on goes offline for a number of hours. That would be classed as our fault and you can claim a refund during that seven day period.

An example of an invalid reason to claim a refund would be and is not limited to the following - "I Don't want it" or "It was a mistake".

Any claims for a refund out of the 7 day money back period will be decided under the discretion of Nitrous Networks depending on the circumstances etc.


Any use of any of our services to infringe copyright or trademark law is unacceptable. And if you're found to be infringing copyright or trademark law from a service provided through us we reserve the right to cancel your service immediately without warning or informing you. This includes using nulled or cracked versions of any form on our services.

Renewing your service

If you sign up using our Credit / Debit card payment gateway option your card will be automatically charged every month up until the point where you choose to cancel (Which you can do at any time without any cancellation fee's) or remove your card details from our system. Guides on how to cancel your service can be found in the knowledgebase in the billing area. If you're using PayPal / NoChex to pay, all payments to Nitrous Networks need to be paid manually before or upto 3 days after the stated due date on the invoice to avoid service termination. If payment is not recieved on it's due date the service will become suspended until payment is recieved. It will stay suspended for a maximum of 3 days before resulting in account termination.

Server performance & uptime

Nitrous Networks does not guarantee 100% uptime on services we provide but we aim to provide as close to it as possible. Sometimes issues can occur which may affect the services we provide to you. You accept that this can happen and that we will do our up most to resolve any issues that occur in a short space of time.

If you complain about downtime in the first 10 days of your service starting but it's only your server offline and not the physical node your server is running on you're not entitled to claim a refund because this would not be classified as our service being at fault and would be down to either the package you've purchased or mods / plugins you've added to your service with us.

If you believe you're experiencing server side lag please remember to consider your client side variables such as high latency, low frame rate, packet loss or background downloads. If you're experiencing any of these client side issues then Nitrous Networks is not responsible for any of these issues you're having.

Nitrous Networks will not be held responsible for server side lag or downtime which is caused by mods, plugins, addons or any type of modification to the service we provide.

You also accept that sometimes there may be downtime occurrences for server or network maintenance to repair or improve performance. You will be informed of these kinds of changes at least 24 hours in advance with the scheduled date and time for the start of maintenance period.

Data loss and protection

Nitrous Networks will not be held responsible for the backing up and integrity of customers data. And in the case that data loss may occur you may only be given a pro-rota refund if you choose to cancel your service. The backing up of files and safe securing of your data is down to the customer not Nitrous Networks. Especially on Minecraft servers as a backup manager is readily available to customers.

Resource Limits

Nitrous Networks will only limit you to what you're paying for in respects to your max player slots or allocated RAM. CPU or disk IO is not limited in anyway for game servers. For web hosting customers bandwidth / disk space is limited as shown on the package you order. Please also note there is a fair use on disk space for Minecraft servers of 8GB per server.

Securing of service accounts

In any situation where a game server or web hosting account is hijacked or hacked, Nitrous Networks will not be held responsible for this occurrence. It is the clients responsibility to keep all there personal details and passwords secure and personal.

Server setup time

Nitrous Networks does not guarantee instant setup. We try to provide as close to instant setup as possible. But you as a customer accept that in some rare instances it may take up to 24 hours depending on the amount of traffic we're receiving. Or if any issues occur in the automated setup process. Your billing will not start until your service has been setup.

Server termination

Nitrous Networks reserves the right to terminate any service with us that is not paid on the due date specified on all invoices. Generally we at Nitrous Networks will not terminate / cancel any services for at least 48 hours after the invoice was due so you do have some time to pay after the invoice was due. In the event of terminating / cancelling a service Nitrous Networks reserves the right to delete all content on your service.

If you know you won't be able to pay in time for your service you're required to contact us so that we can either extend your service for a short duration or let you download a copy of your files in time.

Terms of service updates

Nitrous Networks reserves the right to change or alter our terms / policy's at anytime without notifying any of our clients. It is the clients responsibility to check our terms regularly for any updates / changes.

Product Addons

Product addons that include, but are not limited to, dedicated IP addresses are cancelled as soon as the product it is an addons for is. These are not classed as a product and cannot be used for anything else.


Hydra Communications Limited are in no way liable for payments/donations that are received in exchange for virtual or physical goods on a server, by purchasing a server, you agree to remove all liability from Hydra Communications Limited in regards to customer service/payments and disputes.

Privacy Policy

We do not store any personal of financial information provided to us while making a payment, Nor do we share this information with 3rd parties.