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My server is using too much memory

If your RAM counter is overflowing / using over your RAM limit, you may need to take action to prevent it from crashing your server.

The RAM counter will usually go over its limit for several reasons, these are listed below:-

  • If you are using a low tier ( Wood or Stone) and trying to run heavy modpacks like the latest Tekkit or FTB releases.
  • You are using over your recommended player limit for your tier.
  • You are running multiple worlds, or worlds with several dimensions on lower tiers.

  • 1st point: You will either have to remove the mod or upgrade your server to a tier that is able to support it. For Tekkit and FTB, you will need an Iron tier and up.

    2nd point: You will need to either upgrade your server or cap the player limit back down to the suggested player limit. If you are already under the player limit and it's still going over the RAM limit, then you will most likely need to upgrade your server.

    3rd point: Snapshot jars can sometimes have memory leaks causing high memory usage, we suggest you remove them and use a stable release we have on the modpacks -> Minecraft page.