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Migrating your server

Transferring your server is extremely simple and easy to do. Transfer time can vary from location to location, if your server takes over 2 hours however then please contact us using the link at the bottom of this guide.

We also suggest that you create a server backup before transferring (let this process for 10 minutes) your server as a precaution.

  1. First open up the Nitropanel

  2. Next, select the server you wish to move

  3. Now navigate to the Server Migration button on the left hand side of the panel

  4. Finally, select the location you wish to move too and click Start Migration

  5. Now you just have to wait for the transfer to complete, you will be given access to your panel when it is complete.

  6. If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a support ticket and one of our staff members will provide assistance - https://billing.nitrous-networks.com/submitticket.php