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How to edit your server settings

Section 1 - Setting Map Rotation and Custom Settings

To change your map rotation please follow the below steps;

  1. Open your server control panel.

  2. The first thing you will want to do is to click the Configuration Files button on the panel.

  3. You will now want to open the Game.ini by clicking Text Editor on the right hand side of the panel.

  4. You will now see all of your server configuration options neatly laid out

  5. Simply move the order of the map up or down the list to change where it appears in the map rotation

If the map/gamemode you wish to use is not listed in the config file then please see Section 3 of this guide for a full list. Additional maps can be added to the rotation pool or they can be removed to your liking.

Section 2 - Setting the Default Map

Setting your default map means that your server will always launch with the selected map loaded first. The below steps will talk you through how to do this;

  1. Open your server control panel.

  2. Navigate to your Command Line Manager

  3. Select Custom Command Lines at the top

  4. Click New

  5. Add a description for your gamemode, it can be whatever you like

  6. Tick the box on the left hand side

  7. Now add one of the below items for the map you wish to use;

    • The Pit: ThePit/
    • Camp: DuelCamp/
    • Taiga: TaigaMap/
    • Grad: Grad/
    • Contraband: Contraband/
    • Crossroads: Crossroads/
    • Tourney: Tourney/
    • Mountain Peak: MaxMap/
  8. Then add one of the maps listed in Section 3

  9. You should now be done and your command line should like similar to this;

  10. Click Save

  11. Finally click the Select button on the far left.

  12. Start your server and begin playing!

Section 3 - Maps and Gamemodes

The following are the current Maps in the game as well as their assocated gamemode;

Default Modes

  • INV_Grad_0
  • INV_Crossroads_0
  • INV_Grad_1
  • INV_Taiga_0
  • INV_Camp_1
  • INV_Feitoria_0
  • SKM_Camp
  • SKM_Taiga
  • SKM_Grad
  • SKM_ThePit
  • SKM_MountainPeak
  • SKM_Tourney
  • SKM_Crossroads
  • SKM_Feitoria
  • SKM_Contraband
Front Line
  • FL_Camp
  • FL_Taiga
  • FL_Crossroads
  • FL_MountainPeak
  • FL_Grad
  • FL_Feitoria
Team Death Match
  • TDM_Contraband
  • TDM_Camp
  • TDM_Grad
  • TDM_ThePit
  • TDM_MountainPeak
  • TDM_Taiga
  • TDM_Tourney
  • TDM_Crossroads
  • TDM_Feitoria
Deathmatch/Free For All
  • FFA_Contraband
  • FFA_Camp
  • FFA_Grad
  • FFA_ThePit
  • FFA_MountainPeak
  • FFA_Taiga
  • FFA_Tourney
  • FFA_Crossroads
  • FFA_Feitoria

64 Player Modes

Skirmish, 64 players
  • SKM_Taiga_64
  • SKM_MountainPeak_64
  • SKM_Grad_64
  • SKM_Camp_64
  • SKM_Feitoria_64
Team Death Match, 64 players
  • TDM_Taiga_64
  • TDM_Camp_64
  • TDM_Feitoria_64

Other Modes

Battle Royale
  • BR_Taiga
  • BR_Grad
  • BR_Feitoria
  • HRD_Camp
  • HRD_Grad
  • HRD_Taiga
  • HRD_Feitoria
  • HRD_MountainPeak

If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a support ticket and one of our staff members will provide assistance - https://billing.nitrous-networks.com/submitticket.php