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How to add mods to your server

This guide will provide you with a method for installing Conan Exiles mods onto your server, whether that is hosted with us or on your own PC.

  1. Subscribe to all of the Conan mods you wish to use. Make sure to note down the modID's of the mods you wish to install, the ID will show in the URL;


  2. Now navigate to your steamapps folder, normally found in one of these locations;
    • C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\steamapps\
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps
  3. Now navigate to the following folder;
  4. \workshop\content\440900\

  5. Each folder will have a number, this will correspond to the modID you saved earlier. Open the folder you wish to use.
  6. Navigate to your game Control Panel
  7. Stop your server
  8. Go to File Manager
  9. Open the ConanSandbox folder
  10. Open the Mods folder
  11. Copy the .pak file from your PC into this folder
  12. Now open the modlist.txt
  13. Enter the mods filename with an asterisk at the start
  14. Now save the file and start the server
  15. You should now be ready to use mods on your Conan Exiles server. Please make sure that any additional mods you add are on a seperate line within the modlist.txt