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How to use scheduled tasks

Scheduled tasks allow you to set commands to be run on your Minecraft server at certain points throughout the day or night. This is useful if you want to do something like /save-all, to make sure that your world is saved every hour. Equally you can input any Minecraft command and it will run on your server.

How to setup a scheduled task

Firstly you need to click on tasks within NiTROPanel and you will see a few options. Enter Command, start at, repeat every, restart after command and delay restart after command for. These all need to be filled out

  • Enter command: This can be any valid Minecraft command, i.e. "save-all", remember to miss out the forward slash as we add this automatically.
  • Start at: This option allows you to select what time you want the command to start at, so 00:00 would run your set command starting at midnight.
  • Repeat every: This is used to create a recurring task that will run every x amount of minutes or hours. For example you could have your save-all command repeat every hour.
  • Restart after command: This has 3 options that you can choose from. Yes, only if offline, and no. Yes will restart the server after the command is issued. Only if offline will restart (or rather start) the server if it's offline and the task can't run, and finally no will not restart the server at all.
  • Delay restart after command for: This delays the time in which the server is restarted after the command has been executed on the server.

  • Let's kick a scenario real quick!

    I would like my server to restart every 12 hours starting at midnight issuing the command 'say Server will be restarting in 60 seconds', with a 1 minute delay before the restart, after the command is issued.

    To achieve this I would set the command value to say Server will be restarting in 60 seconds. The start at time to 00:00, repeat every set to 12 hours, restart after command set to yes, and finally the delay restart after command for value set to 1 minute.