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Upload your own Minecraft world (Via FTP)

If your world is too large to be uploaded via the NiTROPanel file manager, then the other option is the use of FileZilla, or any other FTP client.

Follow the steps below to upload your world successfully.

  1. Go to FileZilla and download the FileZilla client and install.

  2. Once that is complete and you have FileZilla open, you need to find your servers FTP details. This can be found by going to manage -> FTP Settings. You will need the IP, username and password.

  3. At the top of FileZilla there will be four boxes, continue to fill them out with the details you found in the settings page and click connect.

  4. Once connected, you will see a folder/folders, click on the folder that has the server ID you want to access, it will look something like "NN2418845"/

  5. Now you can start uploading your world file, proceed to drag the world file/world ZIP into the directory, this will start the upload. (It can take a long time to upload worlds that are large, so you may need to wait a while)

  6. Once uploaded, you can set the world name in your server.properties as your level-name, save it and restart the server.

Note: If the world you uploaded was a ZIP, then you can right click it in the NiTROPanel filemanger and click unzip, this will give you the world files.