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How to install Rust++ [Legacy]

**Please note any time there is a Rust or Rust++ update you will need to repeat step 4 after installing the Rust++ patch or Rust update**

  1. First off you need to stop your server

  2. Then you want to run the steam update

  3. Next Proceed to the mods section -> And install Rust++ (whatever the most recent version is)

  4. When this is done go back to the main overview page in the control panel

  5. And finally you will need to do is run the Rust++ patcher which can be done by clicking on the icon titled "Rust++ Patcher"

And that's it! All you need to do now is start your server and it will be running Rust++ - You can test this by joining your server and typing in /help and it should output a message with available commands.

If you have any problems or issues during the install process simply open a ticket.