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How to fix Rust Mods [Legacy]

Try doing this.

**Please note you can't run both Oxide and another mod, Oxide has to be run on it's own**

  1. Stop your server
  2. Go to mods and uninstall any mods if any are installed
  3. Go to the file manager and navigate to rust_server_Data, then delete the file mainData
  4. Then run the steam update
  5. You will then need to go to mods and then install the mod you want to use again (if you're running Rust++ or Rust Essentials please read additional steps before starting your server)
  6. That's it start your server and the mod should load fine.

a ) If you're running Rust++ before starting your server click on the button for "Furnace Patcher" and then once that's complete use the "Rust++ Patcher". You may then start your server.
b) If you want to run Rust Essentials you will just need to run the "Furnace Patcher" before starting the server.