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Repairing a corrupt world

NOTE: This feature is currently disabled, however you can request via ticket (link below) for this to be done.

We have a in-built world chunk fixer that is super easy to use.

  1. Login to NiTROPanel and click manage on the server you have the issue with. Once the console page has loaded, click the dropdown next to the restart button and select "Repair Corrupt World". This will bring up a window that gives you the option to insert your world name.

  2. Enter your world name (This must be the exact name of the world you are using and is case sensitive) and click repair. Once this has started, it will run a Python script on the node and start to check through each of your worlds chunks, removing them if corrupt. This process can take around 1 minute.

  3. Once complete, it will give you a summary of what chunks it scanned and how many it removed and for what reason.

Once complete it will output some information about what fixes it made.