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How to create a MySQL database in my cPanel

You may need a MySQL database for either your website or a game server, both setups are very similar apart from one thing, follow the steps below to set on up.

  1. First step is to login to your cPanel, this can be found by typing your domain in the URL bar, followed by /cpanel (The link and login are in the New Account Information email that is sent when you set it up). After you are signed in, search for the MySQL Wizard and click it. You will then need to type in what you want to call your database.

  2. Next you will need to choose a name for the user and a password, this information is very important, so write it down somewhere safe or remember it. You will also need to make sure your password is strong.

  3. After you create the user, click the "ALL PRIVILEGES" checkbox and then next

  4. You have successfully made yourself a database and user.

  5. FURTHER STEP: If you are connecting the database to a game server, you will need to find the "Remote MySQL" button and click on it. Once loaded, add your servers IP to the box and click "Add Host". This will basically allow your database to make connections with your server.

    1. If you have any trouble with this, be sure to contact support.