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My server is suspended, why?

Your account may have suspended for several reasons, the most common one being:

  1. Your server needs to be renewed as you've reached the end of your billing cycle. If this is the case you will need to login to your client area and pay any invoices that are overdue. You can pay them here: http://nitrous-networks.co.uk/billing/clientarea.php - After the invoice is paid access will be resumed to your server and control panel

  2. Your servers resource usage has started to affect other customers. In this case you should take a look at your server.log file and then remove any plugins generating errors or warnings. If you have any plugins like Dynmap try turning down the render time or view-distance on your server (7 should be fine). Once you've done this please contact support on the link below and let us know so we can then unsuspended your account.